What's A Salsa?

Is it a delicious Latin-American sauce perfect for dipping...everything in?

Is it a flirty, sexy, beautiful dance?


Now it's also a delicious, exciting beautiful photo booth, and we are so excited to bring it to Cincinnati.

The Salsa Booth is primarily a no-print booth, meant for events where instant media sharing is preferred. 

Guests have the option to take a traditional photo, or series of photos, make a short video, create a GIF, or the all popular boomerang. They can then instantly send the file to their cell or email and post on social media, because salsa is great, but it's best when shared!


I know, shocking, right? 

Here's why:

We used to offer prints on other booths, and we may again in the future, but what we found was that a lot of the prints that our customers paid for were left behind!

In the age of social media, sharability (is that a word?) is king. And our booth LOVES to share! 


Not printing saves us money, which saves you money! That's why we can price our booth so well!


So what do you say? Give us a shot! We just know you'll love what we have to offer!


Salsa Booth

Boomerang example

Video example

GIF example